Swimming is the original primitive watersport, the one ability that unites almost every participant of these watersports. It dose not require any equiment - it is a solo venture of one person battling the elements. putting their strength and endurance to the test. the variations on swimming disciplines relate to the environment and to distance, such as ice swimming and marathon swimming.

Why Learn To Swim? 
Swimming is a great way for children to have fun and stay healthy but for parent at least, its main attraction is safety. people most fear is drowning, because of that, parents nowadays tend to get overprotective of their children. Drowning is one of the most common cases that lead to death. living in a country surrounded by water with pools, ponds, rivers and lakes everywhere isn't going to prevent drowning from stopping. The number of swimmers are increasing as we speak. Therefore, swimmers should first know the steps of becoming a great swimmer.

Swimming In The Sea 
  • There are some general rules to consider begore heading out for a swim in the sea.
  • Check the local weather and tides to make sure everything is clear. 
  • Don't eat or drink just before a swim as this may lead to cramps in the water. 
  • Always bring a friend with you into the sea, especially if the beach is unsupervised.
  • Always plan to swim close to the beach in the line with the shore.
The Risks Of Swimming In The Sea 
Hazards and strong currents still exist among us. Extra precaution must be made when it comes to currents. As they say, not all currents lead people to death. Speaking of that, rip current is one of them. It happens especially in canals. Rip currents are narrow powerful channels of water flowing away from the shore. They are particular hazard because they can drag swimmers out of the sea. The swimmer tries to fight the current and as a result, the swimmer becomes exhausted and is vulnerable to drown.
Benefits Of Swimming 

Swimming helps to tone all your body without causing stress to your joints. It is great for those sport injuries and recovering from surgery as it takes the strain from your body weight. Plus the lungs and promotes weight loss through the formation of lean muscle group.