Thursday, 1 September 2011

Introduction to watersports

Water sport introduction

The popularity of watersports continue to grow with new activities popping up all the time, but it also requires a greater knowledge and safety awareness It is not about discouraging people from participating in water based activities but instead, water sports encourage people like you and me to fully immerse in all aspects of new recreation, so they can pursue them with confidence, with minimum risk and enjoy them to the fullest.

General Safety Advice:

Water sports take on all sorts of diverse forms from exploring the ocean depths to floating above the sea attached to a parachute. As a result the safety concerns and precautions will vary from discipline to discipline, with scuba diving attracting greater attention to detail than aqua aerobics for example. Nevertheless, there are some generic safety rules that apply to all water activities.
• Make sure to follow the necessary activity and safety training before taking  part.
• Consider joining a local club for qualified support and advice.
• Always use the appropriate safety equipment. This could include a lifejacket.
• If using any equipment, always check that it is in sound working order.
• Before setting out on open water make sure to check whether the local weather forecast and conditions are appropriate for the planned activity.
• Take some means of communication such as a mobile phone or a whistle.
• If heading out to open waters ensure that somebody knows and is given an expected time of return.