Equipment for swimming

Tip On Choosing Goggles

Do You Need Goggles?

A pair of goggles is necessity for swimming, as it is impossible to swim properly without eye protection. The distraction to your stroke can also encourage poor swimming technique, resulting in poor performance and even injury. Goggles can help improve body position and underwater orientation, and by making each turn and transition smoother, even make it easier to breathe. Although many survival experts  insist that swimming underwater without goggles is useful safety skill , however swimming length the naked eye is no match to goggle vision.

Myriad Of Goggle Types

Given the myriad of goggle designs, features and prices now available in your local sports shop. Instead of buying the other pair available. You should consider such aspects as comfort, fit, UV protection, lens, colour and whether they are anti-fog, anti-scratch.

Anti-Fog Goggles 

One of the biggest irritations about swimming goggles is their tendency to steam up after a short service in the water. This is of course prevents you from being able to see where you are going. Improved goggle technology has meant that this is less of a concern for modern swimmers with most designs advertising themselves as being ‘anti-fog’. However it is worth bearing in mind that such claims do not guarantee of fog-free swimming.

Lens Colour And UV Protection 

The different colour lenses available are not for show, but to suit different light conditions. which lens colour u choose will affect where u intend to use the goggles. As a general rule darker, shaded lenses are intent for outside use in the sunshine, while clear lens are designed to maximise the amount of light available therefore more suited for indoor. UV Goggles should only be consideration if you intend to use your goggle in sun-kissed environment.